Inflatable Human Wrecking Ball

The Inflatable Wrecking Ball brings fun to a whole new level.  It is great fun and extremely tiring!

Do you have the skill and strength to knock your opponent off their podium and be the last man standing?

Play with four of your friends to knock your opponent down.  As the balls swings, try to grab it and knock someone out.

This is suitable for adults and children and will be a blast at your fun day, charity event, private party, corporate event, birthday party or team building event.



Equipment included with the wrecking ball:

  • Inflatable Wrecking Ball
  • Extension cords
  • Fan to inflate

Operation area required: 9m diameter and a minimum height of 5m.  Suitable for outdoors and indoor (subject to ceiling height)
Recommended installation time: 30 minutes
Power required: 220V/15 Amp
Staff:  Trained operator will supervise (service included in the cost)
Number of users: 4
Recommended age of users: 8years and upwards


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