4 Man Bungee Trampoline

A bungee trampoline is one of the most popular activities for kids and adults and is one of the biggest crowd pullers at any event.  Our 4 man bungee trampoline is designed for children and adults alike, that’s why it’s a unique opportunity for both adults and children to enjoy the same ride on equal terms.

Participants climb up onto the trampoline and are strapped into a safe waist harness.  Once secure, they’re winched up into the air on the attached bungee cords and then given free rein to somersault, flip, jump, bounce and throw themselves around as much as they like, all under the watchful eye of our trained supervisors.

Our bungee trampoline is well maintained and we only use the best quality bungee cord.

Defy Gravity and jump like you never jump before on our popular bungee trampoline!

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